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Listen to Sean's three interviews with Mark Greene on Cars Yeah! by clicking on the links below. The first is from spring of 2021, with Sean talking about his latest book project, Brumos: An American Racing Icon. The second is Sean with legendary endurance sports-car racer Hurley Haywood, talking about their book Hurley: From the Beginning in 2018. The third is an interview that Sean did with Mark in 2015 talking about his writing and photography.

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Summer 2021

After the success of HURLEY: From the Beginning! which debuted in 2018 and won the 2019 award for best non-fiction book by the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association, Sean Cridland was chosen to write the complete history of Brumos in a book titled Brumos: An American Racing Icon.

The three-volume (four for the numbered Collector's Edition) is the most complete examination of the Brumos Porsche organization of Jacksonville, Florida, made famous in the 1970s by the dominant performances of Peter Gregg, Hurley Haywood and their small crew led by Jack Atkinson. And, while the Gregg era is most legendary,the history of Brumos is far more expansive.

While some people know that the Brumos name comes from BRundage MOtorS, very few know the phenomenal story of the Brundage family, whose ties to aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss contributed to their becoming one of the first Volkswagen distributors in the United States in 1954, and gaining their eventual Porsche distributorship in 1959. By the time of Hubert Brundage's passing in late 1964, Brundage Motors and Brumos had already built an automotive empire and were looking to expand.

Following Hubert Brundage's passing, Austro-Californian Johnny von Neumann entered the picture just long enough to sell the dealership to racing enthusiast and young Navy lieutenant Peter Gregg. Gregg gradually built his small racing team into one of the best and most legendary Porsche racing teams in history, dominating American road racing all through the 1970s. 

After Gregg's passing, the story picks up with the 1980s when Bob Snodgrass and Debra Gregg brought the dealership through its most challenging era. Then it continues all the way through the championship winning years of the Dan Davis era and through to the opening night of the new Brumos Collection museum in 2020.

Thanks to generous contributions by the Brundage, Gregg, Atkinson, Snodgrass, and Davis families, and the combined work of many of the eras greatest racing photographers, the Brumos story is told in a way never documented before.

Writing, design, and layout were completed in early summer of 2021 and the book made its pre-press debut at the Amelia Island Concours in May to rave reviews from Brumos insiders such as Hurley Haywood and Jack Atkinson. The book is now in the printing process, and will make its formal print debut in autumn 2021. Only 1500 sets of the Brumos 3-volume edition will be printed. And only 359 sets of the Collectors edition will be available for purchase. Pre-print sales have been briske throughout the summer of 2021, so don't wait. To order your set now, go to